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Drop the bottle and pick up the glass!

Bottleless or “Point of Use” water filtration is a greener and cleaner option for areas with proximity to a water supply.  These coolers allow you to provide unlimited filtered water and even ice for a low monthly flat-rate.  Our service includes installation, preventative maintenance, and filter changes.  These systems are perfect for high-volume water consumption areas or locations that are not married to the idea to have and to hold 5-gallon bottles.

Filtration Equipment bottless and "point of use" coolers

Equipment Specifications

filtration services black and white hot and cold

Bottleless filtration Coolers

Hot & Cold

Room Temp & Cold 

With bottleless water dispensers you don’t have to worry about handling water bottles since they are connected directly to your water line. These units utilize a carbon filtration technology to filter the impurities and contaminates from municipal water sources and improve the taste. The hot & cold bottleless water coolers is perfect for those cold, refreshing drinks and a piping hot cup of cocoa or oatmeal.

The high-density plastic polyethylene cabinet is both durable and uses just over one square foot of floor space. The drip tray is easy to remove and empty. Lastly, the automatic hot water thermostat that keeps the hot tank at a consistent 185°F. 

This is Diamond Springs most budget friendly filtration water cooler.

Hot & Cold Countertop Filtration cooler

This hot & cold bottleless filtration water cooler also utilizes carbon filtration technology to filter the impurities and contaminates from municipal water sources and improves the taste. With a height of 17.2 inches, it easily fits under cabinets. The attractive styling and compact size make it ideal for offices or break areas with limited space. 

Clover D9A Hot & Cold Countertop Bottleless Dispenser
WL250 Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Hot & Cold filtration Cooler with UV

UV filtration bottleless water coolers utilize carbon filtration and feature in-tank UV technology that is highly effective against germs and bacteria. The UV lamp treats water stored in the reservoir for fast, reliable, and easy water purification. In addition, key dispensing areas contain a silver ion additive that acts as an effective barrier to protect against bacteria and odors.

UV filtration units are perfect for 10 to 30 users. Available in freestanding and counter top models, the stainless steel and black design is sure to look good in any office.


Hot & Cold reverse osmosis filtration Cooler

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration technique that uses a slightly permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules, and larger particles to create superb drinking water. This cooler is built with high volume in mind.

Other features include UV in-tank sanitization and Biocote® antimicrobial surfaces. The Hot & Cold Reverse Osmosis Filtration Cooler delivers the best quality hot, cold, and even ambient water to your employees and customers!

WL270 Hot & Cold Water Cooler
Follett 7 Series Ice & Water Dispensers

Follett Filtered Ice & Water cooler

The 7 Series ice and water dispenser in addition to providing filter water, also produces up to 125 lbs of Chewblet® ice per day, holds and stores 7 lbs of ice in its stylish and durable frame. Freestanding or Countertop models provide the most flexibility for your place of business. It is perfectly ideal for offices that serve up to 50 people.


Considering Filtration For Your Office?

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