Special Event Request

Special Event Request Form

Thank you for considering Diamond Springs as a water provider for your event! Please fill out as completely as possible. Submit at least 30 days prior to your event. If approved, all event details must be provided 2 weeks prior to the event date. 

Please include the number of water stations you plan to provide at the event.
Diamond Springs Water Monster

Pictured above is our Diamond Springs Water Monster at the 2021 Sports Backers Anthem Corporate Run. The Water Monster is available upon request for certain occasions! We also have Diamond Springs water bottle coolers that can either be plugged in or iced for areas without access to electricity. Check out our social media pages for the latest Special Event Photos and Partnerships.

Feeling Old School?

No problem. Download our Special Event Request Form PDF below!

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What We Do

Diamond Springs services your home and your place of business.  For over 100 years we've been the go-to provider for bottled water, coffee, filtration, and pantry (snacks, sodas, and more)  in the central Virginia region.

For Your Home

With our convenient and affordable home delivery services, your family will always have refreshing, great tasting water close at hand.  Quick access to an ice cold, healthy beverage with no sugar or calories is an easy choice.


For Your Office

Our delivery, superior service, and extensive product line will surely exceed your expectations. Our super friendly staff is ready to guide you in choosing a refreshment service that is right for your company.