Rethinking the Break Room

Break Room Tips to Refresh Refuel Retain

Picture this

a regular break room

The floor is unsightly speckled linoleum. There may or may not be a window. The dust covered blinds stay tightly shuttered. The buzzing of the florescent lights hums in your head, even after you leave the office. It brings out the sickly blue in your skin, making those circles under your eyes even more distinct. The light switch, marred by numerous greasy fingers, remains on even when no one is there. Nothing lives on the off-white walls except the dents and smudges from years of uncomfortable plastic folding chairs being slammed against them. Flat grey cabinets made of particle board with no handles line the sad gallery style kitchenette. There is nothing inside of them expect unloved takeout condiments and ants. The fridge groans next to them. Inside – a coworker’s leftovers from a month ago, a passive aggressive note about who used the last of Jane’s coffee creamer, and an ongoing turf war over whose lunch gets shoved to the back of the top shelf to freeze. The sink, begrudgingly cleaned by one individual who did it once and now finds it their forever task, is accompanied by a pile of forgotten off-brand Tupperware and chipped thrift store mugs. Rings of too-hot microwaved beverages stain the sticky countertops. The microwave itself no longer has buttons, rubbed away over prolonged use. You close your eyes and hold your breath when you put things inside it. Vestiges of smells linger. No one covers their food. The paper towel roll endures, perpetually empty. It seems your least favorite coworker is always the one at the community table. A mouth breather. You’ve forgotten a fork and eat with the chopsticks you found in a drawer next to expired batteries.

You leave the break room wishing you had gone out to lunch instead.

There’s a better option.

In a time when the employee market is challenged, it is more important than ever to offer employee perks. The break room is designed as a place to help your employees refresh, refuel, and recharge. In fact, companies who have welcoming break rooms tend to have happier and more productive employees, which in return affects the bottom line. Having a relaxing place to go on break decreases time wasters throughout the rest of the day. Here are a few tips from the team at Diamond Springs to rejuvenate your break room space, and in turn, bring positivity and efficiency to your office!


Free break room snacks are a great way to boost productivity. Including an everchanging variety of snacks and treats up for grab in the break room, not only invites a feeling of gratitude, but also keeps employees form being distracted by their grumbling tummies. Along with food options, you should consider all the accoutrements that your employees might use with them – napkins, cups, plates, paper towels, cutlery, condiments, and the like.

 At Diamond Springs we provide break room service, which means not only do we have a wide selection of all your favorite brands and munchies, (go check ’em out) but we also we maintain your snack and supply needs while delivering and stocking them for you! You read that right. We do it for you.


Offering a plethora of free beverages choices is a simple and effective way to flush out a well-loved break room.

Fresh clean water is top among these choices. 100% natural springs water from Diamond Springs is sure to be a great option. You can’t beat the taste, especially when comparing to municipal water from the tap or a water fountain.

Coffee is also a perfect pick. When more than 50% of adults regularly consume at least one cup of coffee a day, you’ll please a large portion of your employees. One can’t overlook the energizing effects coffee has either. It’s sure to heighten yield and morale. Coffee Express by Diamond Springs has the coffee brewers and bean selection bound to fill those empty cabinets with luscious smelling stuff. Make sure you don’t forget all the coffee accessories. Jane won’t have to hunt down Roberto for drinking the last bit of her caramel macchiato creamer anymore.

Our team also cleans and services your brewer. So really, it’s worry free, and sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Beyond coffee and water, you might consider teas, juices, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sodas. The more options the better. Make everyday in the office a better one. Diamond Springs can provide. Just Remember Refresh Refuel Retain


Perhaps the most overlooked tip of the bunch – it’s important to realize the “look good, feel good” saying doesn’t just apply to your clothes, but also your environment. It’s important that when your employee walks into the break room it looks and feels different than the rest of the office. It should be a place of rest, not work. The quickest way to rest and reset the mind is to separate it from what it was doing prior.

An easy way to do this is live plants! Live plants freshen the air and remove toxicity. Because they are alive, they bring the life! You might even say they breathe life into a space. Tasteful artwork is another way to make a break room feel less stuffy. You could feature art from local artists, or even the employees themselves.  When you keep it dynamic and ever changing, it won’t feel stale. Cushioned chairs are also a nice touch. It’s a great way for someone to feel comfortable even for just 10 minutes so the rest of the day is easier to take on. And don’t worry, Diamond Springs has a lot of stylish water cooler options that will fit right in.

Relaxation and Fun

The break room is really about not working. It’s about stepping away from the work to – and you guessed it – Refresh Refuel Retain. Providing a TV could be beneficial for your break room. Here at Diamond Springs we have TV channel called Diamond Vision that features local weather and news, spotlights employee achievements, highlights featured products and industry information, while bringing the fun! You could also provide board games or puzzles to do alone or with others to promote team synergy and brain function. A book shelf filled with inspirational books could also be helpful. A great starting point is Worth Doing Wrong by Arnie Malham, which focuses on getting better everyday and positive work culture. Don’t forget to have Wi-Fi in your break room. If everyone can use their devices freely there, they will be less likely to use them while they are working.   

We hope these tips and tricks help you build a happier work environment. Get away from the grey and dingy break room. You’ll want to stay in the office not leave! Be sure to reach out to Diamond Springs to see how we can help you Refresh Refuel Retain.

Picture this

A Better Break Room

a break room full of lush green and inspiring art. The sound of laughter and gentle flipping of pages. The warm smell of coffee fills your nose and heart. Your tongue delights on cliff bars, beef jerky, and an indulgent bag of candy. Guilty free. It’s there for you. You’ve forgotten a fork, but no worries there’s an extra one waiting for you just in case. Jane and Roberto discuss their seasonal coffee drinking styles, excited over the upcoming pumpkin spice K-cups. You play Jinga with the mouth breather, learn he’s a really cool guy, and that he has an incite on how to help your new marketing budget. You’ll be happy to sink into the trendy velvet armchair next to him tomorrow. You leave ready to get started what’s on your desk. Focused.

  • Author: Lauren Core is a film nerd and future novelist who graduated from James Madison University. She loves her black lab and black cat, the sound of rain on skylights, and hiking in the mountains. Mixing craft cocktails is her specialty. You can connect with her via Diamond Springs social media direct messaging.