Your Monthly Statement
Your Monthly Statement

Please take a moment to reveiw the key aspects of your monthly statement.

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A. Billing Date: The closing date of your statement

B. Account Number: This is your account number. Please keep this number handy. Should you need to contact us we can quickly access your account information.

C. Billing Address: The billing address is the location where all mailed materials will be sent.

D. Service Address: The service address is the location to where Diamond Springs makes deliveries. This may or may not differ from the billing address.

E.  Itemized Listing of Deliveries: Our billing system provides you with the delivery date, ticket number, quantity delivered, description, unit price of each product and equipment rental charges.

F. Remittance Stub: A remittance stub is included for your convenience. Please return this stub with your payment so we can quickly and accurately post payments to your account. Please use the back of this form to tell us of any changes to your account information.