Your Delivery Ticket
Your Delivery Ticket

Please take a moment to review the key aspects of your delivery ticket.

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A. Account Information: Includes delivery address and phone number.

B. Delivery Instructions: Specific instructions, directions and requests that you have made regarding your deliveries are noted in this area.

C. Invoice Information: The top number is your invoice number followed by the date of your scheduled delivery.

D. Products: This section indicates the products you normally order. The numbers below the product name are the four most recent deliveries (listed by date). The first number indicates the amount of bottles delivered, the second number is the quantity of empty bottles returned.

E. Delivery Amount & Pricing: The quantity and unit price of the products delivered and the number of bottles returned is indicated here.

F. Balance Forward: The amount printed in this box is the current balance due on your account.

G. Bottle Deposits: On your initial delivery, there is a charge for each bottle. After that, there is no deposit charge if the number of full bottles delivered and full bottles returned are the same. If you return more bottles than you receive, your will be CREDITED the difference. If you receive more bottles than you return, you will be CHARGED for the difference in bottle deposits.

H. Account Balance Due: This section breaks down your current balance due by the age of any outstanding invoice(s). The last payment applied to your account is listed in the far right column.

I. Account Number: This is your account number. Please keep this number handy. Should you need to contact us we can quickly access your account information.

J. Next Delivery Date: The date printed here is your next scheduled delivery date. Please mark this date on your calendar as a reminder.

K. Representative Signature & Delivery Date: Each delivery ticket will be signed and dated by the Route Salesman who was responsible for delivering to your location.

L. Payment Information: Payments made at the time of delivery will be recorded in this section by your Route Salesman.