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Water Quality at Diamond Springs

Ensuring the safety of the water we deliver is our primary objective in providing our product to your home or office.  By selecting Diamond Springs service you've made the choice to offer healthy refreshment.  We deliver water the way nature intended, fresh, clean and free of harmful additives and impurities.  Our water is bottled locally and delivered direct to your door.  This ensures great taste and quality in every bottle. 

At Diamond Springs we understand that not everyone prefers the same thing, that's why we offer many different choices of bottled water.

Download our Water Quality Report.

Waters available:

•    Spring Water   
•    Distilled Water

Spring Water

Diamond Springs bottling facilities use protected springs in Virginia and North Carolina as the sources of our Spring water.  Underground water flows naturally up through cracks in the earth through a natural purification process as it runs through layer after layer of rock to our collection site.   We test our sources regularly to verify that they are of extremely high quality.

How other Bottled Water Is Prepared

Other Bottled Water is protected by a multi-barrier approach, which includes steps such as source protection and monitoring, and treatment such as micron filtration, distillation, ozonation, or other appropriate processing measures.

Bottled water may also come from treated municipal supplies and employ processing methods, such as reverse osmosis, micron filtration, distillation, and ozonation to remove any chemical and microbiological contaminants, including cryptosporidium.

  • Multiple stages of filtration include carbon filtration, micron filtration, and particulate filtration to remove sediment and suspended particles.
  • For our distilled water, the water is heated to produce steam. The minerals are left behind and the steam is condensed for a pure, mineral-free distilled product.
  • All of our bottled water products are ozonated. Ozone is used because it leaves no residual and it does not cause a taste and odor problem. Ozone is oxygen (O3 to be exact) which is bubbled through the water just before it goes into a clean, sanitized bottle. Within a few hours after the bottle has been filled and capped, the ozone dissipates or converts back to the same form of oxygen that we breathe (O2).

Diamond Springs Water Testing

Our company regularly tests all our water products in our in-house labs and sends samples to nationally certified labs for additional testing.  Annual Water Quality reports are available for all of our water products that contain the results for each of the contaminates tested. You'll find that all our products meet or exceed all requirements defined by both the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) and the FDA.