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How does Office Delivery work?

A dedicated Route Salesman will be assigned to make scheduled deliveries to your office.  Typically, office customers will be set on a two (2) week delivery frequency.  However, your Route Salesman will work with you to establish a frequency suited to your needs and usage. 

Also, unless you want to say hello or request a special product, it is not necessary to meet with the Route Salesman at the time of delivery.  Our service includes stocking of all delivered products according to your company’s usage and inventory.  You are always welcome to add or adjust personalized, specific delivery instructions.

Choose Diamond Springs for your Office Refreshment needs.

Our free delivery, superior service and extensive product line will surely exceed your expectations. With over fifty years of experience, our staff can guide you in choosing a refreshment service that is right for your office. 

Treating your workplace to gourmet coffee, natural spring water and a wide selection of snack items has shown to increase morale and productivity.  Providing such amenities for your clients and guests will certainly leave a lasting impression as well. 

Diamond Springs offers superior water cooler and bottled water delivery service.  Our bottled water is offered in an assortment of water types and bottle sizes.  Choose from Spring, Distilled, Fluoridated and Purified Drinking water.  Our bottled water coolers are available in a variety of styles and models.  From stainless steel trim to countertop sized, we have a water cooler to fit any space or décor. 

Let our experts guide you in choosing a refreshment service that is right for your office. We highly recommend you contact our office to schedule a meeting with one of our Commercial Account Representatives. They will be able to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. As an added service, our skilled team offers specialized invoicing and payment options to meet any specific needs your company may require.


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