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Go Paperless!

At Diamond Springs we are always working to provide the best customer experience and that includes our billing process. We’ve recently put a new process in place that will allow Diamond Springs to distribute the monthly billing information more efficiently. This new process has streamlined the printing and mailing process and greatly increased our ability to email statements and invoices.

Switching to e-mail billing is fast, convenient, secure and an easy way to manage your account. We list the invoice number, PO number and amount in the body of the email making it easy to search for bills. We include an exact copy of the paper invoice in PDF format that you can easily save and review.

Why Wait? Sign up now by contacting your local Office:

Send an email: to Billing@DiamondSprings.com or call 800-350-0525 

Include your name and account number and we’ll take care of the rest!

Turn off the Paper and Turn on Convenience!

Here are a few tips for navigating the Pay Bill form;

  • Always start with the zip code where deliveries are received.  This zip code routes the payment to the correct Diamond Springs location.  If you're in Accounts Payable and not located at the delivery location, the address where deliveries are made is identified as the Service Address on the right side of the Monthly Statement.  This same Service Address can be found in the upper left side on the Delivery Ticket / Invoice form that is left at each delivery.
  • Use the TAB key to move through the fields.  The enter key will begin processing the form and you'll be presented with required field messages as you complete the form.
  • The Invoice Number / Statement Date field accepts alpha numeric entries.  If you don't know your invoice number, you can enter any information that will help us apply the payments as you desire.  Values such as; Pay on Account, September Statement, Balance forward etc., are acceptable.  Entering specific invoice numbers or a statement date helps insure the payment is applied correctly.
  • Your customer number is identified as the Account Number in the top left side of a Statement and in the bottom left corner of the Delivery Ticket / Invoice.
  • Be sure to enter a formatted dollar amount that includes the decimal point (e.g.; 123.00) in the Transaction Amount field.
  • The dollar amount you entered will be displayed directly above the PAY NOW button at the bottom of the screen.  This allows you to confirm the amount you entered before charging the card.  If the amount entered is not correct scroll up to return to the Transaction amount field to correct it.
  • Email address is required to receive the confirmation and must contain the @ sign followed by the .com, .org or other valid address designation.
  • When entering Credit Card information, enter the card number without any spaces or dashes, just the number. The expiration date must be entered as MMDD, the slash will automatically be populated.
  • Press the PAY NOW button only once.  There is no longer a need to view another screen and authorize payment.  Once the PAY NOW button is pressed the transaction is processed and a confirmation screen is displayed.
  • There is now a new PRINT CONFIRMATION button in the upper right section of the confirmation screen to allow you to quickly print the confirmation page.  A confirmation email will still be sent to the email entered on the form.

We hope these upgrades will eliminate any problems we may have had and streamline the process.  If you have any questions or difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.  For immediate assistance call: 800-350-0525 or 804-222-5100

Getting Started - New Users

First, please create an account. You can do this by clicking on Customer Login in the upper right-hand corner, then “Create an Account”.

If you are a current Diamond Springs customer, click on the check box. If you know your current account number, please enter it here. If you don’t know it or are a new customer, we are happy to enter it for your once you place your first online order.

Please make sure you enter the correct delivery zip code to browse our store. This will help us get your order to you as fast as possible. It is also important to initially enter your delivery zip code to enter the “Pay Bill” portal so that we can ensure your payment is processed in the correct location.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us if you have other concerns.

Our new website represents Diamond Springs all over the east coast. Just remember to always use your delivery zip code to browse the store or pay your bill.


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