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Home Service Options:

Water Cooler Service includes the rental of equipment to use with 3 and 5 gallon bottles, and is perfect for any home.  Equipment like water coolers and ceramic water dispensers are also available to purchase. Already have your own equipment?  That's great! Our Bottled Water Delivery Service will bring the great taste of Diamond Springs water right to your door.  Best of all, delivery is always free!

Your interest in Diamond Springs service says a lot about your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. With our convenient and affordable service - your family will always have refreshing great tasting water close at hand. Easy access to an ice cold, healthy beverage (with no sugars or calories) is one of the best choices you could make for you and your family. 

Diamond Springs Water is a naturally delicious thirst quencher and an excellent way to improve the taste of coffee, tea, soup or juice. When used for ice cubes or cooking you will quickly taste the difference.

Our long tradition of excellence means you can trust Diamond Springs for the highest quality products and most reliable service.

How does Home Delivery work?

There is no need to be at home to receive a delivery.  Simply leave your empty bottles in a delivery area you designate (for example; on your back porch, front steps or inside a garage), then on your scheduled delivery day your dedicated Route Salesman will stop by to replace the empty bottles with full ones.

After your initial delivery, there are no minimum delivery requirements.  You are free to order the amount of bottles that work best for you and your family.

We also work with you to establish a delivery frequency suited to your needs. Keep in mind, if you ever run out of water before your next delivery day just give us a call and we will quickly arrange a special delivery to you.

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