Bottled Water Delivery
Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled Water Delivery Service

Enjoy free delivery directly to your home or office!

Diamond Springs offers a variety of water types and bottles sizes with our superior delivery service.  There is no need to be at home to accept deliveries and no minimum order requirement after the initial delivery!  Simply designate a location at your home or office and our Route Salesman will leave your bottles at that location on each delivery. You can also store your empty bottles in that same location and your route rep will pick them up for return.  Delivery schedules are based on your needs.  Most commercial customers are delivered to every other week, and residential customers receive deliveries every 4 weeks.  But if you need more or less we can adjust your schedule to meet your water usage.  We never want you to be without the great taste of Diamond Springs!  If you are running low, just call us, we'll deliver.  

Whether it's the 3 or 5 gallon bottles for use with your Bottled Water Cooler, 1 gallon bottles to keep in the fridge or single serve .5 liter bottles to take along, we have what you need.  Check below to find the right type and size for you.

5 Gallon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Gallon Yes Yes      
1 Gallon Yes Yes      
20 Ounce Yes        
.5 Liter Yes        
10 Ounce Yes        

Take it with you!

Yes you can, take the great taste of Diamond Springs Water along with you.  We can deliver single serve bottles by the case, right to your door.  Whether you are headed across town or across the state, our half liter bottle is REFRESHMENT ON THE GO!

Need a Water Cooler? 

No problem, we have just the right equipment for dispensing the great tasting Diamond Springs Water!  


For more information, please click the link below to down our brochure.

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