We appreciate your interest in Diamond Springs.  Our bottled water, coffee, filtration, and pantry services have been in demand for decades.  We look forward to hearing how we can provide quality products and excellent services to your home and business!

Diamond Springs
PO Box 38668
Richmond, VA 23231


Diamond Springs RVA


Monday – Friday

7:30am – 5:30pm

Exclusively & Proudly Serving Central Virginia!

We’re hyperlocal and family owned!
Please note we are only serving central VA.

Delivery Service Address

We are hyperlocal and family owned! Please note, we are currently only serving in Virginia.
Currently only serving cities in Virginia.

Hey, you. Yeah, you! We proudly serve central Virginia. We are no longer in the Carolinas. If you’re looking to service an area outside of Virginia, we recommend you head over to our friend’s website here and put in your zip code. Don’t stay thirsty my friends.

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What We Do

Diamond Springs services your home and your place of business.  For over 100 years we've been the go-to provider for bottled water, coffee, filtration, and pantry (snacks, sodas, and more)  in the central Virginia region.

For Your Home

With our convenient and affordable home delivery services, your family will always have refreshing, great tasting water close at hand.  Quick access to an ice cold, healthy beverage with no sugar or calories is an easy choice.


For Your Office

Our delivery, superior service, and extensive product line will surely exceed your expectations. Our super friendly staff is ready to guide you in choosing a refreshment service that is right for your company.