Frequently Asked Questions

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how does diamond springs water service work?

What happens after your first order?

You’ve just placed you first order with Diamond Springs, now what? Click here to learn how Diamond Springs Water works.

Diamond Digital Questions

Should I "create" an account or "activate" it?

If you are a returning customer who already has a service set up with us, make sure to click on the “Activate Account” button when setting up your Diamond Digital portal for the first time. If you click on a link that prompts you to put in your zip code, and you are already receiving our services, be sure to hit the “Sign In” button instead of entering your zip code. This will take you to the Log In screen where you can enter your account information or active your account. If you are brand new to Diamond Springs, Welcome! Please click “Create Account” and begin by entering your zip code to confirm that we service your area. As always, if you’re still experiencing any trouble  please call us, and we will be happy to help!

Why can't I activate my account?

It’s very important when activating your account on Diamond Digital that you enter your account number and your account name exactly as it appears on your invoices. It is case sensitive, so make sure your account name is all caps. If you are still having trouble please call us, and we can activate your account for you. We will provide a username and password, so that you can skip the activation step.

Water Questions

Do you really use natural spring water?

Diamond Springs’ spring water comes from carefully protected natural springs. The spring water is naturally purified as it flows underground and up to the earth’s surface. All of our spring water sources are inspected, tested, and certified to bring you the best tasting and highest quality of spring water.

Do you offer other types of water besides natural spring water?

We offer natural spring water and distilled water. Learn more about different types of drinking water here.

Delivery Questions

Do I need to be on-site to receive my deliveries?

For equipment installation, we ask that someone be on-site to allow us entry into your home or office for the initial installation of your cooler or coffee brewer. You will be contacted prior to the installation to schedule a convenient delivery time.

For delivery service, it is not necessary to be on-site when scheduled deliveries are made to your location.  For bottled water delivery, simply designate a location at your home or office and our Route Salesman will leave your bottles at that location each delivery. You can also store your empty bottles in that same location (or pick a different spot) and your Route Salesman will pick them up for return.


When is my next delivery?

Your delivery dates can be found on your Diamond Digital account.

How often will I receive a delivery?

Depending on your needs and usage, your Route Salesman will set a delivery frequency that works best for you! Any time you are in need of products, just call us. An actual person will answer the phone, and we will meet your request within one business day.

Do you charge delivery fees?

Due to the recent increased cost in fuel delivery and raw materials, we are now instituting an Economic Impact Delivery Charge to all deliveries. If you have an questions about this feel free to call our office.

Equipment Questions

Why should I buy my water cooler from Diamond Springs versus the discount stores?

Water coolers are refrigeration units, so if you purchase your cooler elsewhere and something goes wrong it can be very expensive to repair. Diamond Springs’ water coolers come with a 1-year limited warranty and additional manufacturers refrigeration warranty, and we service and repair what we sell. Additionally, our water coolers are made with high quality, commercial grade components, unlike some water coolers found in the discount stores.

What other equipment options does Diamond Springs offer?

Diamond Springs offers the following equipment options: Water Coolers, Point-of-Use (POU) Water Filtration Coolers, Traditional Whole Pot Coffee Brewers, Thermal Airpot Coffee Brewers, Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewers, and Vending Machines.

What if I already own a water cooler or coffee brewer?

Great! Diamond Springs can still provide free delivery of bottled water and/or coffee supplies!

Do I need to be on-site to receive my equipment?

For initial equipment installation of your cooler or coffee brewer, we ask that someone be on-site to allow us entry into your home or office. We will contact you prior to the installation to schedule a convenient delivery time.


What is a bottle deposit?

A bottle deposit is the refundable value of an empty 3 or 5-gallon bottle. On your initial delivery, in addition to the price of the water, you will be charged a refundable bottle deposit fee for each 3 and 5-gallon bottle that is delivered.

After your initial delivery, if we deliver the same number of full bottles as you return empty ones, there will be no additional bottle deposit charges. If we deliver fewer full bottles than you return empty, the difference in bottle deposits will be credited to your account. If we deliver more full bottles than you return empty, the difference in bottle deposits will be charged to your account. If you discontinue service and return all your empty bottles, your bottle deposits will be credited to your account.

Why is my Filtration Water Cooler not dispensing?

 Most likely, your cooler just needs a simple reset. Follow these easy, troubleshooting steps to get it up and running!

Step 1. Remove the lid on top of the cooler (it will come off easily). You will see a “float kit” that is installed on the top of your cooler’s cold water tank. On that kit, firmly push the gray-silicon reset button one time and release. Wait a minute or two before checking to see if your cooler is now dispensing.   

Still Not Dispensing? Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. If your filtration cooler is still not dispensing after the reset, the water valve behind the machine has most likely been turned off. Look behind the cooler and you should see a white valve with a blue swivel top (it looks like a shark fin!). Make sure the blue swivel fin is running parallel to the water line. If the fin is perpendicular to the water line and making a “T”, then the water is turned off. Turn the blue swivel fin counter clockwise so it is running parallel to the water line. Then, repeat Step 1!  

Still Not Dispensing? 

Your water may be turned off at the source or there may be an unforeseen issue. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Contact Diamond Springs for to speak to one of our wonderful Service Reps. You can find our contact information or message us here